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Our Newsletter



     The Official Newsletter of Das TeufelsAlpdrücken Fähnlein.  Published
     monthly, or whenever I get around to it.  Any opinions contained
     herein are strictly my own, unless they're someone else's, as are any
     typographical errors.  Entire contents copyright 1999 by Paula
     Peterka, unless otherwise noted or authored.  Yeah, like you'd WANT to
     steal anything out of here!  Oh the weather outside is frightful, but
     the fire is so delightful. . .
     Volume 6                                                                      Issue 1

January 28,  1999

        Winter Campaign

        The Fifth Annual Landsknecht Invitational Winter Campaign will be 
     held on February 13 & 14, 1999, at Marietta Mansion Historical Site in 
     Glen Dale, Maryland.  We will invite several other reenactment units 
     to participate with us again at this event.
        The site is located near the junction of State Routes 450 and 193, 
     in Bowie, Maryland.  It will be open for set-up on Friday, February 
     12.  The event will be open to the public from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on 
     Saturday, and from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sunday.  We will be using 
     the upper field for our camping and demonstration area.  There is one 
     portable toilet on the site, behind the mansion.  We will use what 
     firewood remains on the site from other events, supplemented by our 
     own.  Drew is arranging for straw from a commercial source, and we 
     will have to provide our own drinking, cooking, and washing water.  
     There will be a $12.00 fee for food for this event, which includes 
     breakfast and lunch both days, and Saturday night's dinner.  There is 
     an additional charge of $4.00 per person to cover the straw.  Please 
     pay your food and site fees directly to Drew Jones no later than 
     February 6, 1998, and sooner if possible.
        Everyone should have already started acquiring/assembling their own 
     camping gear, personal dishes and other accouterment, as well as.  
     cold weather gear.  Everyone should bring their own camping gear, 
     personal dishes and cup.  Everyone should also bring 2-3 gallons of 
     water. February weather can unpredictable, but this event will take 
     place rain, snow, or shine.  The event will be postponed if the 
     weather forecast calls for temperatures below 25° F, or for more than 
     6" of snow.
Landsknecht Test Kitchen
        The Hauptfrau is opening up her kitchen (and possible back yard, 
     depending on the weather) for a "Tryal of Dishes", the Renaissance 
     equivalent of the Betty Crocker Test Kitchen.  On Saturday, February 
     6, any and all unit members who want to practice cooking some old and 
     new foods should come to Paula Peterka's kitchen, no later than 11:30 
     am.  This will give everyone a chance to learn some of the German 
     staple dishes in a controlled, modern environment, before having to 
     tackle them out in the weather.
        This practice is open to soldiers as well as campfollowers, and the 
     foods prepared will be eaten by the test cooks for dinner that 
     evening.  Contributions of ingredients or money would be appreciated, 
     but are not required.  Please contact Paula before February 4 if you 
     would like to attend.
Elections and New Members
        Das TeufelsAlpdrücken Fähnlein held elections at this year's Annual 
     Meeting.  The Board of Directors for the 1999 - 2001 term is Larry 
     Peterka, Chief Executive Officer; Drew Jones, Chief Financial Officer; 
     Paula Peterka, Chief Recording Officer; Mike Amos, Director-at-Large; 
     Kim White, Director-at-Large.  The Field Officers for the 1999 - 2001 
     term are Larry Peterka, Hauptmann; and Paula Peterka, Hauptfrau.  
     Congratulations and condolences to the new Board and Field Officers!
        The unit also voted on applicants for membership.  The Fähnlein 
     would like to welcome the following new members into its ranks: 
     Katrina Diehl, Katrina Hegge, TJ Kirchner, Rich Manzano, Heidi 
     Peterson, and Linda Shertzer.  These folks were officially voted on 
     and accepted into the unit as probationary members.  The probationary 
     period of these members is grandfathered to the date of attendance at 
     their first event.
        Harry Grunder, Gwen Martin, Chris Reidenbach, and Jen Zentgraf were 
     not voted on for membership, as their applications have not yet been 
        The unit would also like to congratulate the following people, who 
     were  promoted from probationary member to full member: Mark Denz and 
     TJ Kirchner.
        The new full members have full voting rights on unit business, 
     subject to age regulations (sorry, Mark), and can be assigned to 
     sponsor probationary members.  This brings the total number of active 
     full and stakeholder members to 24.
        Congratulations and Welcome, Everyone!
        The unit would like to congratulate the following members on their 
     theatrical promotions: Michael Denz, promoted to Pikeman; TJ Kirchner, 
     promoted to Pikeman; Heidi Peterson, promoted to Kampfrau; Ray 
     Partenheimer, promoted to Doppel; Anna Hoppmann, promoted to 
     Marketenderin; Janice Partenheimer, promoted to Marketenderin; 
     Elizabeth Partenheimer, promoted to Marketenderkind; and Kim White, 
     promoted to Marketenderin.
        The following members were also appointed to the following 
     positions: Mike Amos, appointed to Weibel; Ray Partenheimer, promoted 
     to Weibel; Don Haithcock, appointed to Kaplan; Drew Jones, appointed 
     to Leutnant; Kim White, appointed to Kuchenfrau; Kellie Hendley, 
     appointed to Dienstmädchen des Weib des Hauptmanns (Captain's Wife's 
        Members with higher theatrical ranks are expected to wear fancier 
     clothing, collect and use more accouterments, and create a more 
     accurate historical impression.  Congratulations, Everyone!
        The unit will be returning to compete at Military Through the Ages 
     at Jamestown, which will be held March 20 & 21, 1999.  Our 
     registration forms have been sent in, and we have received verbal 
     confirmation from Cody Grundy, one of the event administrators.  There 
     are a few major changes this year, but none of them are untenable.  
     This will be our fifth year at this event, and we hope to have as much 
     fun this year as in the previous four.  This event is a showcase of 
     reenactment units, and there will be groups representing everything 
     from the XX Roman Legion through the National Guard.  Since this event 
     takes place at a state-run museum, there are rules for participation 
     which they strictly enforce.  Details of the official regulations will 
     be published as soon as they are received.  Some things, however, 
     remain consistent from last year:
     1. All unit members must be pre-registered.  This means your name must 
     be on the list that Paula is sending to the coordinator.  All 
     participants must complete a Volunteer Services Special Event 
     Registration Form, which will be mailed to you as soon as we receive 
     it.  Please bring it with you and turn it in when you check in at the 
     gate.  You will be issued an ID card by the Jamestown staff at this 
     time.  When you arrive, they will give you our unit number.
     2. MTA is a judged event, and our unit has entered in the competitions 
     again this year.  We will compete in cooking, tactical/drill, 
     clothing, general camp environment, and pretty much anything else 
     they've got.  The judges can get very nit-picky, especially if the 
     competition is tight.  Therefore, if you know something is "farby", 
     leave it at home.  There will be a camp inspection Saturday morning, 
     and anything that doesn't pass muster will be removed from camp.  This 
     includes all aspects of your kit, including, weapons, tentage, and 
     3. The meal fee for this event is $12.00 per person, which includes 
     breakfast and lunch for both days.  Please turn your money into Drew 
     no later than March 5.
     4. A set up crew will be leaving from the Peterka's house at 11:00 am 
     on Friday, March 19, led by Larry. If you are planing to bring your 
     pavilion or tent, you need to contact Larry immediately.  All 
     pavilions must travel with Larry and Drew, even if their owners do 
     not.  There will be no official late caravan this year.  Members 
     wishing to travel together who cannot leave at 11:00 with the set up 
     crew should contact each other to make arrangements.
Landsknecht Thursdays Continue
        Stop by the Peterka's Open House every Thursday for costuming, 
     character work, history discussions, and general socializing.  
     Landsknechting will begin at 6:30 pm (or so), and end around 10:00 pm. 
      Dinner may or may not be served, depending on whether the Peterkas 
     have eaten by the time everyone gets there.  Contributions of food, 
     drink, or munchies are always appreciated, but not required. 
Winter Workshops
        The Weekend Sewing Workshops continue into the months of February 
     and March.  They usually start at 7:00 pm Friday night, and end after 
     "X-files" on Sunday.   Members may come to sew for as few or as many 
     hours as they wish, and crash space is provided.  Priority help will 
     be given to new members, bodices, and pants.  Experienced members with 
     nothing to sew are encouraged to come and help others.  Please bring 
     portable sewing machines if you have them.  
        Weekend Sewing Workshops will be held on February 26, 27, & 28, and 
     March 5, 6, &7.  Larry and Paula will be in California during these 
     two weeks, but the workshops will still take place, led and hosted by 
     Kellie Hendley AT THE PETERKA'S HOUSE.  (No rest for the leaders, even 
     if they're not home!) The Peterka home is open on Landsknecht 
     Thursdays for additional sewing .  If you find that you need help, but 
     can't make enough of the workshops, special arrangements can be made.
Cold Weather Camping
by Drew Jones
        I figured after five years I should write an article for this fine 
     publication.  (for which we thank you -ed.)  My topic this go-round is 
     Cold Weather Camping.  With February being one of the coldest months 
     of the year, I decided to write a few hints for those of us not used 
     to camping in the cold.
        First and foremost is the concept of keeping warm.  It sounds easy, 
     but there are a few tricks to it.  The major heat loss areas of the 
     body are the heat, wrists, and ankles.  I recommend gloves or mittens, 
     a hat (which everyone should have on anyway), and a good pair of warm 
     socks.  Staying mobile and active during the day should also keep you 
     warm and comfortable.  Also  important in the concept of layering 
     clothes.  It helps a lot by the fact that we wear layers to begin 
     with.  Layering your clothes allows air pockets to accumulate warm air 
     and help insulate you.  As you expand your wardrobe, add warmer, 
     heavier fabrics for winter garb.  To the ladies, I highly recommend 
     making a goller to keep the upper body warm.
        During the night, the same principles apply.  A good sleeping bag 
     or several wool blankets is a must, and by "good", I mean one designed 
     for colder temperatures.  There are sleeping bags which are rated 
     solely for summer or indoor use, and I DO NOT recommend this type for 
     out purposes.  Another wise investment to make is a stocking or night 
     cap made of wool.  This will help retain body heat, since the head is 
     usually the only exposed area at night.
        There are two major health concerns associated with winter camping: 
     frostbite and hypothermia.  Frostbite strikes the extremities of the 
     body: ears, noes, fingers, or toes.  Symptoms of frostbite include 
     numbing of those parts, or their turning grayish-white.  To treat 
     frostbite, you must thaw the frozen part gently.  Get to a warm 
     location of possible, and get some warm liquids into you. Warm the 
     affected part by wrapping it in a blanket, or running cool to warm 
     water over it, not HOT.  Frostbitten cheeks may be warmed by using the 
     hands, and frostbitten hands may be warmed by placing them under a 
     warm armpit.  Once the affected part has been rewarmed, you should 
     exercise or gently massage them to restore circulation.
        Hypothermia is a more dangerous condition which can result in death 
     in the most extreme cases.  It is caused by the body's losing more 
     heat than it generates.  The most frequent cause of this is not being 
     dressed warmly enough for the air temperatures around you.  It can 
     also be aggravated by exhaustion, wetness, and strong winds.  Air 
     temperatures do not have to be below freezing for hypothermia to 
     occur.  Temperatures of 40 - 50 have just as much a chance to cause 
     hypothermia as temperatures of 0 - 20 do.
        Symptoms start with the victim's feeling chilly, tired, and 
     abnormally irritable.  If these are ignored, then the victim usually 
     begins to shiver, often uncontrollably.  The shivering will increase 
     in intensity as the body desperately tries to warm itself up, and loss 
     of motor functions is common.  If the shivering suddenly stops, then 
     death is knocking at your door.
     Fortunately, first-aid for hypothermia is simple.  Strip the patient 
     of his or her clothing and put him or her into a warm sleeping bag.  
     As the body temperature rises, get him or her to drink warm fluids, 
     and give something for quick energy.  The get him or her immediately 
     into a doctor's care.
        Winter camping is safe and enjoyable, but like any activity, not 
     without its risks.  Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy a happy 
     and warm camping experience
$$$ Dues and Other Money $$$
        Unit dues are due and payable as of January 1, and officially late 
     as of May 1.  To all those who have paid your dues already, "Thank 
     You".  To all those of you who have not, "Ahem".  Dues are $20.00 for 
     individuals, and $30.00 for families.  Newsletter subscriptions are 
        Meal plan and event fees are generally due two weeks before the 
     date of the event, unless otherwise specified.  The meal plan fees for 
     this season are $12.00 per person per event, which covers breakfast 
     and lunch Saturday and Sunday, and dinner Saturday night, except at 
     Jamestown, when we usually invade the Mongolian Barbeque or attend the 
     awards dinner.  Winter Campaign carries an extra fee of $4.00 per 
     person to cover straw and wood.
        If you plan to attend all three events this, why not send Drew a 
     check for $60.00 ($110.00 for a family of two), and rest easy for the 
Schedule of Upcoming Events 
(at least the ones we know about already)
     Every Thursday  Landsknecht Open House, Peterka's
     Jan 1           Dues due and payable to Drew
     Feb. 6          "Tryal of Dishes" cooking practice,  Peterka's
     Feb. 6          Money in to Drew for Winter Campaign
     Feb. 12 - 14    Winter Campaign, Marietta  - Noon Fri - 3:00 pm Sun
     Feb. 26 - 28    Sewing Workshop - 7:00 pm Fri - 10:00 pm Sun
     March 5 - 7     Sewing Workshop - 7:00 pm Fri - 10:00 pm Sun
     March 7         Money to Drew for Military Through the Ages
     March 19 - 21   Military Through the Ages, Jamestown
     March 27        Money in to Drew for Marching Through Time
     April 9         School Preview Day, Marietta
     April 10 - 11   Marching Through Time, Marietta
     April 30        Last day for paying Dues on time 
     May 15          Money in to Paula for Musterung
     June 19 - 20    Musterung, Lehighton, PA 
     July            Takoma Park Parade
     Aug. 28 - Oct. 25  Maryland Renaissance Festival
     To Marietta Mansion:  Take 495 to 450 East, and get into the left 
     lanes.  Continue on 450, and turn left at route 193.  Turn left at the 
     first available turn, just past the brown Historic Marker, onto Bell 
     Station Road.  Turn left into the first driveway, and park/unload 
     where indicated.  Call 301-464-5291 if you get lost, or for site