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About Us
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  We are a group of History enthusiasts. The Devils' Nightmare Regiment (the English translation for our name) has been a labor of love from the very beginning. Starting from just a handful, we've grown and prospered in the five years we've been in existance. We've survived. We've thrived.

  We perform at a variety of events, doing shows, demonstrations, and even the ocaissional parade, but at the core we are re-enactors. This time period fascinates us, and pulls us back time and time again. If you think you might be the same way, why not contact us?

  In the meantime, perhaps you'd like to look over some of the more in-depth materials? Our site is contantly growing and changing as we try to offer the best of ourselves to you. Amusing anecdotes? A tidbit of researched knowledge? By all means, please share with us!