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The Soldiers


Andreaus Grausteinen - Leutnant

Hauptmann Blöde's right hand. He is good-natured and easy going, but takes his responsibilities to the Fähnlein very seriously. Thrice widowered, his daughter Heidel is his only family.

Dieter Schumacher - Spiesstrager in training

His elder brother, Klaus, joined the army after their village was destroyed, and brought young Dieter with him. Abandoned by him later, this thirteen year-old gets by as best he can, running messages and helping in the camp.  Although he has no official protector, no one in the Fähnlein has the heart to throw him out. He is energetic and curious, and very anxious to earn a position on the pikeline.

Friedrich Engel - Spiesstrager

Nicknamed "der Fuchs" for his prowess with the fräuleins, he is a skilled gambler and swordsman who enjoys the challenges of military life. He is a bit more than casually interested in Katerina Kobbler, and has ambitions of becoming the Fähndrich. (INACTIVE)

Friederich Strebel - Spiesstrager

Fritz Kristoph - Kaplan

Being the youngest of eight children, his parents were at a loss as to how to support so many mouths. At the tender age of five, he was sent to live in a Monastery beyond the town he called 'home'. Raised by the well-meaning, if dour monks, he grew to love the Gospel, and his heart turning towards this calling to the praises of the Brothers that were his family. Quiet and literate, he took his vows and looked towards a life as a Parish Priest, only to meet the corruption within the Church head on. Shocked, he wrestled with his heart over the matter, until he encountered the Commentaries of Martin Luther   through a visiting Priest Acolyte. What many found to be heresy, Father Kristoph was forced to see as truth, the realization saddening him. As things began to come apart, he made his decision. A replacement Priest was summoned for the Parish: Father Kristoph had 'felt a calling' to Serve the Lord on the battlefield, taking as his flock a Mercenary Fähnlein, Das TeufelsAlpdrucken. That most of the group are also followers of the 'heretical' reforms of Luther seems to have escaped the Vatican, perhaps because the Bishop (Bishop Anders)  he reports to is a sympathizer as well...

Gunter Grüber - Speisstrager

The second of two brothers who joined the army together, he fights alongside Rölf with uncanny precision. He shares his brother's sardonic and grim sense of humor, and has a love of good armor, flashy clothes, and fine horses. (INACTIVE)

Gunther Holzschneider - Spiesstrager

An established woodworker with a small business, this gregarious and easy going craftsman joined the army to provide for his three small children after their village was destroyed by war.

Hans Partenheimer - Weibel

Serious and efficient, he is fiercely loyal to his captain and the Fähnlein. He enjoys fine wine, good conversation, and the company of his wife Maria, and their young daughter, Elizabetha.

Heinrich Dreiswert "der gut" - Weibel

  "I was born on Michaelmas Day (Sep 9) in 1490 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I was the second son of wool merchants. I had some learning at the cathedral school and later at the monastery of St. Gregory. I was also part of the town militia and went to the Marks Brothers fecht schule, or school of war.

  I mustered for the first time in 1513 with Der Cannonfodder Fahnlein. I have fought in Bohemia and Hungary. In 1516 I mustered as a doppel. In 1520 Manferd Bl÷de, Andreus Grausteinen and I went to the Imperial Diet at Worms. There, in 1521, Manferd was given his papers as Hauptman and started mustering for Das TeufelsAlpdrucken Fahnlein. I was given the rank of weibel at that time. We marched across the Alps to Italy and I have since fought in the Milan Campaign.

  I first married in 1514 to Elizabetha and have one living child from that union, Gerta. Elizabetha died of camp fever during childbirth in 1525. In 1528 I married Wilhelmina, my current wife, and have two foster children from her first marriage, Josef, 5 and Lisle, 2. I have been a soldier for 28 years and have done well. Merciful God willing, I will retire in a few years, and spend my remaining years in leisure."

Heinrich Kreiner "the Papist"

A skilled veteran who loves the military life. Formerly a bodyguard to Georg von Frundsberg, he has some land waiting for him in  Mandelheim, if his wife can ever convince him to stop campaigning and go claim it.

Karl Kobbler - Trommelschlager

He ran away from home to join the army, bringing his sister with him. He is very skilled with the drum, often anticipating Hauptmann Blode's wishes on the battlefield. Nicknamed "der Hundjunge" for rather obscure reasons, he is the good-natured victim of much friendly "abuse".

Lars Holzclaw - Spiesstrager

Manferd Blöde - Hauptmann

He originally enlisted while too drunk to remember it, and has risen through the ranks due to skill, bravery, and being in the right place at the right time. He is an excellent tactician, specializing in the unexpected. He is good-natured and informal, butdeadly when crossed. He has had command of this Fähnlein for the past eight years. He is hoping to amass enough wealth to settle down as a comfortable landowner back in Bavaria, someday. He is married to Anjabeth, and has a stepson, Jürgen, and a daughter, Manferda.

Maximillian Vorbeck - Spiesstrager

He, his brother Rutger, and Rutger's wife's brother Johan all joined the army years ago. He might have retired after the wars, but he has stayed to look after his only family, Lisel and Michael.

Michael Vorbeck - Spiesstrager in training

Son of Lisel and Rutger, he has been in the army since birth. He is helpful and kind, and looks forward to the day when he can join the pikeline with his uncles.

Rölf Grüber - Doppelsoldner

One of two brothers who joined the army together, he is cool and quiet, with a sardonic and grim sense of humor. He does his job well, working with detached professionalism, and deadly efficiency.

Rudolph Narvik - Spiesstrager

The son of a Danish fisherman who settled in the Empire, Rudolph joined the army for good money, adventure, and to get away from fishing boats.

Sebastian Balkenhauel - Spiesstrager

Thomas aus Leipzig - Spiesstrager

A happy go lucky soldier who joined the army to escape bad debts, he was forced to bring his mother-in-law along with his fiancee.

Ulrich Wallhousen - Spiesstrager

A bit of a clothes horse who enjoys the Landsknechts' freedom from sumptuary restrictions, he left his home in Tyrol due to his family's conflicts with the local nobility. He has problems with traditional authority, but respects those who have earned their positions of power.

Wolfgang Edelhertz - Spiesstrager

Young, idealistic, and fresh off the farm, he has been nicknamed "HundEssen" by several of the veterans, although the campfollowers all call him "Wolfie". The eternal optimist, he joined the army to earn fame, fortune and glory, inspired by the heroic tales of a retired soldier who lived in his village. (INACTIVE)