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Anjabeth Blöde - Weib des Hauptmann

A novitiate who was carried off as plunder when mercenaries sacked her convent, she has learned Landsknecht life the hard way: she has buried two husbands and three children during her sixteen years with the armies. She is open and friendly, but life holds no illusions for her. She is rather insecure in her role as Hauptmann's wife because of her humble beginnings. She is married to Manferd and has two children, Jürgen (from her first husband, Christian), and Manferda.

Barbara Giomaria di Roberto

Wife of Heinrich the Papist, she has followed him across the battlefields of Europe for many years, vowing to return to her beloved Italian homeland as soon as their children are grown. She is of gentle birth, gracious and elegant, but with an iron core that has served her well during her years with the military.

Danica Roon - Dienstmädchen des Hauptmanns Weib

Practical and hard-working, but with a slightly malicious sense of humor, she left her settled life to follow her husband Johan into the army. She had two children, both of which are dead.

Elfrieda Schaus

Elizabetha Partenheimer

A child of sunshine and smiles, this seven-year old has an intelligence and quick wit that belie her years. She is serious, curious, and playful, but with the ability to learn swiftly and analyze situations well. She is the source for both amusement and amazement to many of the Fähnlein's older members.

Erna Kreisel

Wife to a merchant who spends some time in England, she has taken this opporunity to travel with the Fähnlein not only to check up on him, but also to keep a watchful eye on her daughter and the yound soldier she's intent on marrying.

Gerta Dreiswert

Daughter of the Weibel, like Heidel, the Fähnlein is the only family and life she's ever had. She is older, and a bit shy, but with an inner strength born of years of hard campaigning. She is in no particular hurry to find a husband, even though she knows she should be. (INACTIVE)

Greta Kristoph

Bright, curious and very thorough, she and her sister were taken as plunder by the unit Chaplain when he ransacked the church during an assault on their town. She entranced him enough that he married her and supports her sister.

Hannelore Schultz

Vivacious and energetic, this younger sister of the Chaplain's wife has not let her experiences dull her enthusiasm for life. Outgoing, quick witted, and flirtatious, she hopes to find a husband soon, but not too soon.

Heidel Grausteinen

Daughter of the Leutnant, following the Fähnlein is the only life she knows. She is gregarious, friendly, and quite charming, despite the dark horrors of warfare that she has seen.

Heidi Kreisel

Soft spoken and pretty, she expresses herself by sewing garments of great beauty. She gave up a settled like to follow her love to the army, but brought her mother along as well.

Ilsa Lund - Kuchenfrau

Strong willed and independent, she rules both husband and kitchen with an iron hand. She likes to laugh, however, as much as she likes to cook, and is innovative, practical, and generous.

Kölina Haas

Midwife and only medical help in the absence of a barber-surgeon, she is too valuable to dismiss even though she is recently widowed. She is practical and strong-willed, with a ready, quick wit. (INACTIVE)

Lisel Vorbeck

She is the sister of Johan Roon, and the widow of Rutger Vorbeck, who was Maximillian's brother. Her only surviving child is Michael, and due to that fact, she tends to be very protective of him.

Lottie Ostheim

Cousin to Heidel, this shy but spirited teenager was sent to live with her uncle in hopes he would find a good husband for her.

Maria Partenheimer

While Maria was visiting her aunt near Malano, Italy she was plundered by Hans, and she has adapted well to life in the army. Friendly and charming, she has grown to love her German husband and their daughter Elizabetha. Since the germans went onto Roma, she was able to visit her mama and papa in Cercemaggiore, Italy which is a village in the mountains around Roma.

Sabina Schmidt

Soft-spoken and fun-loving, she followed her father into the army after her mother died. She then married a soldier. (INACTIVE)

Sofie Bachschmid

The daughter of Hauptmann Blöde's sister Hildegarde, she was sent to stay with Manferd and Anjabeth when her mother remarried. She is young, attractive, and looking for a husband. (INACTIVE)

Wilhelmina Dreiswert

  "I was born on the day of the feast of Quiteria the Martyr (May 22) in 1509. I was the middle child out of seven children. I had three sisters, two older than I, and three brothers, two younger. My family was a happy one, but we were not very prosperous. In 1523 I married Behrnard Sonnheim, the baker's son.

  At first we did well, but soon our crops were failing. In 1527 the Rhine River flooded our home, destroying all of our food and most of our supplies. It was a difficult summer. Then the army came. They were mustering soldiers to go fight in Italy. People were saying that there was gold for the taking there and that there would be little fighting. So Behrnard joined and I went with him, taking our son, Josef, who was then three years old, and our daughter Lisle, who was almost four months old.

  We marched south for many weeks until we got to the Alps. The weather was turning colder. The trip through the Alps was one of the most difficult I've ever made. Many people were very ill. The ague was running rampant. I tended to many of them, including my Behrnard. Unfortunately, he died halfway through the Alps. It was the most difficult time of my life. I was alone with two small children. By the time we left the Alps more than half of the unit had died. When the march finally ended in Rome it was spring.

  The captain of the unit had died, as well as several of the officers. Most of the soldiers joined Das TeufelsAlpdrncken FShnlein. I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I went with them. There I met Heinrich Dreiswert, the weibel. He was kind and very funny. We got married almost two months later. He is a good man. He cares for my children and myself. I pray that we will live a happy  and prosperous life together."